Thursday, July 14, 2011

Father's day parfait :)


Layers of stevia sweetened fat free greek yogurt, bananas, walnuts, granola, strawberries, and a dollop of cool whip made for a super easy and yummy cookout dessert. It was my Dad's first experience with greek yogurt and now he is hooked!

According to wikipedia, greek yogurt is simply yogurt that has been strained numerous times. Often fabric such as muslin is used to effectively filter out water, fat, sodium, and carbohydrates. Thus, greek strained yogurt has a much higher protein concentration than regular yogurt.

I am absolutely addicted to Fage 0% greek yogurt. It needs some dressing up though and parfaits are a great way to do this. Add some stevia for sweetness because this type of yogurt tends to be very tart. It is super creamy and amazing in recipes that call for sour cream or cream cheese.

In the recipe pictured above I used a whole 18 ounce tub of Fage 0% greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of granola, 15 sliced strawberries, 4 Tablespoons of light cool whip, 4 Tablespoons of chopped walnuts, and 1 sliced banana. 1/4 of the entire recipe came to 207 calores, 6.1g of fat, 0.5g saturated fat, 26g of carbohydrates, 3.1g of fiber, 12.5g of sugars, and 14.4g of protein. Love the protein content!

If you have never tried greek yogurt before I would highly recommend trying one of the smaller tubs of Fage with a side of honey included. Chobani is another excellent brand. I specifically enjoy the lemon flavor for it is quite a treat. Greek yogurt is definitely a keeper that I have discovered while on my quest for healthy and delicious food :)

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  1. looks great, one of my favourite breakfasts is greek yogurt with strawberries, blueberries a few nuts and honey drizzled over.. yummy